Thursday, 4 February 2010

Some Days are Better than Others

After the minor disaster zone that was yesterday, I've had to make a few resolutions to get me through today. Here they are:

1. I will not spill a box of cereal on the floor
2. I will not try to make both dinner and a bunch of baby food in half an hour
3. I will not, as a direct result of rushing from (2), cut my finger and sever a little vein
4. I will not allow the cat to push a lightbulb off the table and then play in the resulting broken glass. Actually, that already was today. I will not allow him to do this again
5. I will not stress if the babies smear orange food in each others hair, but calmly move their seats further apart
6. I will not go anywhere that means I will need to nod and smile along at about forty labour and birth stories
7. I will not worry that finding (6) difficult means that I don't really love the babies
8. I will not have any visitors
9. I will not try to get a double pushchair onto the bus
10. I will cut myself some slack.
11. I will limit myself to 10 resolutions for one day.


  1. um, i don't want to hear a bunch of labor and birth stories either.

    that is far too much discussion of things like placenta and episiotomy for any given year in my mind.

    good for you.

    kids have no common sense about messiness.

  2. I love number 11. Thank goodness it's not the new year's resolution stuff going on right about now.

  3. oh mama...maybe a jammie day with a long bath(avec babies so you don't need to rush☺)is in order. gotta love those days when all hell seems to break loose..((twitch, twitch)) having their hair chairs a little farther apart sounds like a good idea;)

    and no, I don't think that it means you love your babies any less because you morn not having womb baby also. be gentle with guilt!! your love for them is a beautiful thing...and your sorrowful heart is part of who you are and who you are is beautiful!

  4. We are living in parallel universes. Severed vein, broken toe. At least our kids are intact! You are SO right ... some days ARE better than others. Hoping today gets better and better.

  5. Some days you have to take it hour by hour :)

    but definitely no birth stories and the LIES about babies sleeping like angels LOL

  6. Can I borrow #10 from you? :) I can't imagine being the target of so much attention when out in public. Can you wear a t-shirt that says, "I'm so sorry, but my to-do list says not to talk to you." And that darn cat of yours...playing in the glass? What the hey? Hang in there my friend! You are amazing!


  7. Just know that I am laughing WITH you, not AT you...

  8. Liz took the words right out of my mouth.

    I may have snorted when reading about your cat I will not allow him to do this again.

    Sending hugs and hoping today was better...

  9. Oh dear.
    I'm sorry it's been rough, but your list did make me smile.

  10. Hmm, I should probably adopt your resolutions. Especially #3, since only my thumbnail saved me from a partial amputation due to rushed celery dicing, and #4, although mine would involve not allowing the cat to walk down a flight of freshly painted basement stairs. (um, again.)

    And orange is probably their colour. ;)

  11. Oh, Kevin. Wait & play in the baby food when it hits the floor. Much better than broken glass.

    Someday these adorable creatures (well, not the cat) will clean up after themselves. They will be 30, but still... you will be SO satisfied when it happens.

    Amen to the moratorium on birth stories. Isn't there a box I can check to opt out of those?

    Hang in there, love. Mildly interesting mail on the way.


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