Saturday, 31 October 2009


Here are some photos at last. The last few days have been, frankly,
pretty awful. But fortunately we are now all picking up from our
various ailments - baby boy has stopped vomiting every time we give
him his antibiotics, and we can all eat real food again (well, those
of us who are old enough to). We have been so
incredibly thankful to have my mum here - without her I really don't
know HOW we would have coped with the last few days. She has done our
washing and kept us supplied with enough sprite to keep going when we
couldn't hold down anything else - I don't think these attributes are
specifically mentioned in Proverbs 31 but I rather think they should

But who cares about us? What about the babies??!!!??? Thanks for
asking - they are doing incredibly well. Despite their hatred for my
new most-useful gadget, the infant nasal aspirator, we are definitely
making friends. I'm not making any crazy statements about attachment
yet, but they are very willing to be held and comforted but us and
this is a huge relief, and a great first step. We hardly recognise
them even from the babies they were a few days ago. They are eating
(and eating and eating) and we can see them gaining strength right
before our eyes. They are really delightful and we are so thankful
that they are finally with us.

Of course, if I'm to be honest, the first few days I was thinking
pretty much nothing but 'oh I cannot BELIEVE what I have done' but
already the person having those thoughts feels like someone other than
me. Thinking about how little sleep I will get tonight (and probably
forever) still makes me feel really fearful - HOW am I going to cope
with this? How am I going to cope with a flight? How will we get them
to the passport office? But I knew it wouldn't be easy. And it's not.
And that's normal. And today it feels just about, almost, nearly, the
right side of impossible. Ask me again after this night!

And they are pretty cute, huh??


  1. Ever since I found your blog two days ago I have been obsessively stalking for photos of the babies. Isn't it so strange when you find a stranger online and just fall in love with her story? I know you've done the same so I won't feel too weird saying this. Getting to join you here - now that you are at the most exciting part - gives me hope for us and keeps me coming back for more! Sleep well - is that even the right thing to say? Here's wishing you sleep. ~Amanda

  2. They are incredibly cute! So glad to see pictures and glad to know your mom is there for an extra hand. This is an incredible feat you are undertaking and yet we are made to be able to do it. You are all stronger than you imagine. May things get better and better and better!

    Wow! You are a family! Everything else will come....



  3. Yep. Crying again.

    So happy. Sososososososo happy.

  4. They are amazingly beautiful! Hope you all feel better soon and have a safe trip home!

  5. Oh my goodness...they are absolutely adorable. I am glad to hear that you are surviving, and starting to thrive. I can't wait to hear more!

  6. They are unbelievably cute, precious indeed. I'm so sorry for all the sickness, that makes everything seem impossible. What you are doing is very difficult and one day you will look back and say, 'look what I did!' I, too, loved the nasal aspirator. My son, he loathed it, but I never left home without it. You are in my thoughts. If you can't get any sleep, at least recline. Lay the baby on your chest and lay back and rest as much as you can.

  7. They are beautiful! I love the photos. Thank you for posting them so I'm not checking my dashboard every few hours for an update. ;)

    Hatred of the nasal aspirator is universal among babies. Wait until you have to get out the nail clippers!

    I'm so glad you're all on the mend. What an awesome mom you have. I think being "almost, nearly, the
    right side of impossible" is pretty darn good right now.

  8. your proverbs 31 quip made me laugh... but the photos of the babies! Oh My Word! How adorable. We're praying for you guys!

  9. I must, must, must post (which means I must battle once again with blogger who treats me like the mean girl in junior high did - she always pretends she doesn't know me - even though I have written down my password and know I have it right!)
    Why am I talking about me? Because I want you to know that I am having to work hard just so I can tell you...
    They are the cutest. And you all are brilliant together. And I am so, so, so happy for you.

  10. The babes are beautiful... :) Hang in there!!!

  11. They are soooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! I'm sorry to hear that you guys have been ill. Hope you catch some z's and get home safely.

  12. I'm so happy for you! what a journey. jsut the beginning. but you'll make it. Huggs from afar...

  13. I'm so glad that things are improving. It will continue to get easier, especially after you're all home and have a routine. They are adorable!

  14. They are better than cute- they are gorgeous! The sleep aspect is hard, but eventually, they will sleep and so will you! Congrats on your gorgeous family!

  15. Oh my- they are SO cute. SO.

    I'm so glad your mom is there! Phew!

  16. what sweetest littles ... very little and oh so precious. i can't wait to hear more. i know it must be overwhelming and lovely all at the same time. but you are together and i know it will just be so wonderful.

  17. OMG, they are TINY and GORGEOUS.


  18. How did I miss this post?! Wow they are CUTE!!!! I am glad your mum is there! Can't write long but I want to catch up soon! And you are a warrior mom and dad with all that you are doing in Ethiopia and all that you are enduring! Warriors I tell you!


  19. OH MY GRACIOUS!!! They are gorgeous. Congratulations. I remember telling you to take a freakin' nap before the kids come... Can't wait to see and hear more. You give me hope, girl


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