Tuesday, 16 June 2009

This is what I like to see...

okay, you might have to take my word for this due to blogger picture resolution issues, but that's a whole lot of pixelly goodness there that you can't see... the red smear at the bottom says 'shipment picked up'. No, really!!
I've just looked back at my last post and laughed pretty hard - that was some adrenaline high I was surfing, I think! I don't know why I could'nt get those fonts to behave - I have no idea where I was clicking. I've spent all of today telling everybody that from now, things could really happen! Sometime between Friday and December, hopefully, our lives are really going to change. I can't wait.


  1. Isn't it crazy just how excited you can be by such a vague date? "between Friday and December" ... It's kinda funny if you think about it. We are now in the "sometime between August and November" wait...and I find I can't do anything NOW, because of what might happen THEN. Wash the dishes? Sorry, my kids will be here in 2-4 months. Grocery shop? Organize our linen closet? Nope--I'm too busy waiting! :-)

  2. "I'm too busy waiting to do anything" That is so descriptive of what this feels like.

    Hooray for deliveries!

  3. He he, love this - I would too be enamored with that screen shot. Perfectly exhiliarating. Your last post cracks me up! HURRAY!


  4. It is certainly something to get excited about! I can't wait for you to be matched!!!!

  5. LOL - I love that 'too busy waiting' expression. EXACTLY. And I can't imagine how much more so once you've seen their face/s !

  6. Terrific!! You need to update your sidebar lovey... your papers are sent now! :D


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