Saturday, 28 February 2009

I should have said

...that I was going to be away for a week. But I forgot, and then I *was* away, somewhere blissfully so remote that i had no computer, no phone, no nothing, and no ability to say hey, I'm away for a week. And things have happened! People have passed court! And I haven't had a chance to congratulate them yet!

But now I'm back. And I have BEADS!! And not just beads I bought off the internet either - beads from people! Real, live people! On MY doormat! I. Am. So. Excited.

Other exciting holiday news - I convinced J to read a book that hadn't been previously read and approved by me (this is a big, big milestone in our relationship - he really likes to read, but he likes me to guarantee that the book is going to be good beforehand) and he's finishing it off now. That doesnt' look so exciting when I write it down, but while he's distracted I've had a chance to start catching up on things... better make the most of it!


  1. That's so funny! Rich does the same thing. He refuses to read anything that I don't SWEAR he'll love. What's up with these guys?!?! LOL!

    PS- where did you go? With whom? Why didn't you take me with you? ;)

  2. Glad you're back and hope that you're okay.

    Oh and am thrilled you loved the bead. It was fun to send it!


  3. Glad you are back. As for the beads, I purchased beads now I must actually mail the beads. Things have been a bit busy...and I always struggle with getting presents into the mail.

    I am shooting for this week!

  4. I'm so grateful for your kind and illuminating comment. I think the twin culture shocks of moving to Texas and starting the adoption process (which here, frankly, is a lot about putting on the heart, etc. etc.) got me all weirdly provoked. And it was so heartening to get all those great shout-outs from all these great women on the comments page. But I loved loved loved hearing from you because it's so interesting to hear a fresh perspective from how this all goes down elsewhere. I'm grateful as well to have found my way here onto your blog and you can bet I'll be coming back often, hoping to celebrate your own good news soon.


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