Friday, 8 August 2008

Yesterday we went to adoption preparation day #2 (the third is next thursday). Exhausting. People at work asking me 'how was your day off' - errrrr, okay, thanks, and then I feel stupid because it wasn't a day off at all but I don't want to tell them why, and they think I'm some kind of weirdo who can't even manage to enjoy themselves on their day off when everyone else was slaving at work.

Actually, it was a pretty difficult day. We covered child discipline (important topic, but difficult in a large group where you know you're being assessed), loss for all parts of the adoption circle (birth parents, adoptive parents and children), child resilience and the top ten likely infectious / deadly diseases and lifelong developmental delays your child is likely to come home with (not actually called that, but basically that). It was a bit harrowing. We saw some films that were really interesting, but hard to watch, and as reflection, had to ask such straightfoward questions such as 'How do you feel about your future child's birthmother' (gosh, that was easy - no conflicting emotions there AT ALL).

Possible high point of yesterday - EXCELLENT sausage sandwiches for lunch in a pub across the road from the place we had the course. It was in Beaconsfield, which is a much nicer and posher than I had realised, so sausages were basically handmade by nuns at dawn and were amazingly delicious.

But now, back to work. I hate this time of year at work. Lots of people are off on holidays but for others of us (those who have anything to do with admissions) it is psycho crazy busy - A level results (that's the end of secondary school for any of you not in Britain) come out in less than a week and we have to decide who is being let in to University. (Practically everybody, it seems, probably best if I don't think about it). Big, final decision day is next wednesday, and I'm secretary to the committee that decides, so needing to take next Thursday off isn't the world's most fabulous timing. Am guessing Wednesday night might be quite a late one writing minutes and sorting out spreadsheets. I wish it was over. (Wishing my life away is obviously a very constructive way to deal with my problems).

We're going to Sheffield this weekend to see J's brothers. I really don't feel like actually going all the way up there, but I'm also really looking forward to it. It will be great to have a weekend away and be physically removed from some of this week's sources of stress, eg work, and probably eat a lot of croissants, which is what we normally do when we go to Sheffield, for some reason. J's brothers are very hot on the breakfast pastries, probably because their metabolisms resemble that of a family of cheetahs so they can eat all the calories they like, guiltfree. I keep on hoping that marriage into this family will eventually rub off on my DNA because darnit, I love those croissants. We don't have anything that we actually need to do on the Saturday, so hopefully will be able to do not much and maybe nose along the Ecclesall road at some of the surprisingly nice shops they have there, which we always seem to be driving past on our way somewhere else. Apparently there is a good chocolate cafe- hopefully I can go there with nice sympathetic SIL while J hammers or drills something with his brother.

Our social worker is coming for the first time on Monday and it is traditional to go MAD with the cleaning beforehand, but we're not going to be around so it won't be possible- this is probably a very good thing.

I'm sure going to miss the cat though. This is the first time we've left him, and we're getting a nice friend to come and feed / pat him. It's embarrassing how sad I feel about not seeing him for 48 hours.

Anyhoo. In any case. It's Friday! Hurrah.

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